A Balanced View Of Customer Experience Has Deepened Customer Satisfaction At Vodafone Ghana

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Digital transformation is forcing many industries to evolve their business models to suit new market realities. The most fascinating thing is that customers are driving this change—not companies.

Today’s customers expect content that complements their lives anytime, anywhere.

For Angela Mensah-Poku, who is the Director of Digital Transformation and Commercial Operations at Vodafone Ghana, the only way businesses can keep up with this new breed of customers is by providing unmatched customer experiences both online and offline.

“Our strategy is to balance both our traditional and digital customer experiences. This viewpoint has inspired us to evolve our channels in deliberate ways. Customers must enjoy the same excellent experience no matter where they choose to interact with us,” she says.

To achieve that, Vodafone Ghana has been steadily upgrading the customer experience both online and at its retail shops. The most recent upgrade is the Accra Mall outlet, which has been moved to a much larger space in the banking area of the mall.

When it comes to digital, Vodafone Ghana’s channels simplify customer interactions online in flexible and convenient ways. MyVodafoneApp is a unique self-care mobile app that allows customers to buy voice and internet bundles, send money, top up their accounts, track transactions, raise concerns, and more. MyVodafoneApp centralises all customer interactions and inquiries. It is available for free in both the Google Play Store and the App Store.

The telecommunications company has also unveiled TOBi, a first-of-its-kind virtual assistant that performs customer care roles and offers customers advice on products, services, and enquiries around the clock. The machine-learning chatbot responds to simple questions via social media and MyVodafoneApp. TOBi continues to improve because it listens to and learns from customer feedback.

Over the years, Vodafone Ghana’s focus on digital transformation has helped it connect with customers and meet their expectations for a smooth experience, no matter what their limitations were.

“We strive to make our customer experience more inclusive and convenient for customers with health conditions or impairments. It’s about creating experiences that bring our humanity and empathy to the forefront. That’s what allows us to produce innovations like SuperCare,” Angela explains.

In 2017, Vodafone Ghana started its groundbreaking SuperCare project to help people with speech and hearing problems by giving them specialised services and help. Customers with speech or hearing impairments can use the SuperCare customer support line. Trained specialists in customer service are always on hand to assist customers.

By dialling *494#, a hearing-impaired customer can request either a video or WhatsApp call, and get the help they need. The Vodafone SuperCare service is a first in Ghana.

Vodafone Ghana’s commitment to reshaping the customer experience extends to its mobile money platform as well. Today, payments for all Vodafone services are simple and free thanks to Vodafone Cash, Vodafone’s mobile money platform. Customers can also use the platform to purchase airtime and bundles and pay for utilities. Vodafone has also waived charges on transfers to other mobile money users across platforms, which has brought great relief to customers.

Recently, Vodafone Cash added an overdraft feature that lets customers borrow money to complete certain transactions without getting turned down because they don’t have enough money in their accounts.

In an age where, more than ever before, the customer is king, Vodafone Ghana’s unique view of digital transformation has enriched its engagement with customers over the years. Looking forward to 2023 and beyond, Angela is excited and optimistic but acknowledges that there’s still a lot to be done. “We are empowering customers to access our products and services while enjoying convenience no matter where they interface with us. The next step involves a lot more listening to unearth insights about our customers’ changing needs. In the meantime, our customers can keep expecting more innovations wherever they interact with us. We remain committed to providing an unmatched customer experience for our customers.”

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