All You Need To Know About Smart Takyi Nixon

He is the CEO of STN Media Consult. STN Media Consult is a media house that prides itself with creative arts productions, branding, concept development, events management, and social media management. As a Creative Writer, he comes into the entertainment scene with years of experience as a radio and TV host from 2013-2019 under GN Media. He also served as a Community Lead for Kharis Group where he managed over 22 brands on social media. He is a versatile MC with over 200 events in his portfolio. Recently, he hosted Chefs Diaries on TV3 where he interacted with chefs across the country to understand recipes and the work ethic of the Chef Association of Ghana.

Is this your first stage play? If no, tell us about your previous plays.

No, please. I have been writing for the past 5yrs in partnership with Perez Theatre Act and have successfully executed four play productions with over an audience of 1500 in attendance. Some of my notable plays include WAGADRII, Something Sweet, Poverty Makes Noise, and Love Is Not Enough.

Tell us about ‘When Will You Marry Me?’

This upcoming stage play under the umbrella of the outfit will be the first commercial production since the inception of the business. The title, “When Will You Marry Me?”, will highlight issues related to courtship and cohabitation, address pre-marital responsibilities, and challenge indecisive partners.

Who did you write ‘When Will You Marry Me?’ for? Is there a group of people?

The stage play is targeted at the youth and also people between the ages of 30 and 65. This olay will encourage parents to be interested in the partners their children speak about. I can confidently say that it is a must-watch for every family.

What lessons are you expecting the audience to take home?

I don’t want to give away the cherry before we present the cake. I believe by the end of the day there will be bits and pieces of different angles our audience will pick the play from. Everyone may have a different lesson based on their experience and perspective. We are hoping to highlight more on being sure of your partner when dating.

You can add any additional information here

The event is taking place on Sunday, 1st May 2022 at the Perez Dome, Dzorwulu Junction Accra. The time is 6 pm and there is going to be just one show. I entreat patrons to come to have a good theatre experience on a great story with the family.

SOURCE – Acquah Eric Petit

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