Apostle Eric Deh Releases “Shine”

Apostle Eric Deh, pastor and gospel musician, formerly known as Kofi Selasie has released a new song titled “shine”.

According to the gospel musician, he was inspired to compose the song by Jesus’ “light of the world” phrase. This he said; “The inspiration behind “Shine” is about what Jesus said in the Bible that “we are the light of the world filled with darkness”, it is therefore my prayer that he empowers me with his light so I can shine all over the world with my song titled shine.”

He divulged that, the song “shine” was composed to create spiritual awareness among believers to depict the words and teachings of Jesus Christ and to direct the steps of Christians so they will continue being a true reflection of Christianity and project the word of God in a positive light.

He disclosed that, his new song “shine” is an announcer of his return to the gospel music industry having left for a long time to preach the word of God inside and outside Ghana. “Shine” by Apostle Eric Deh can be found on boomplay and audiomack.

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