Buda-Pest Robbery Officiating Against Roma In Europa Final As Sevilla Wins Big. 

Congratulations to Sevilla in a fierce battle against Italian side AS Roma as they were unable to win in the final in Buda-Pest.

The match officiating football patrons expressed their displeasure against Anthony Taylor who officiated the final between Roma Vs Sevilla. 

Argentine forward Dybala gave Roma the lead as Mancini scored an own goal as an equalizer for Sevilla. 

Anthony Taylor Officiating 

This will be my appeal to UEFA, it’ll be great if Taylor is banned from officiating on top final matches because he was seen brandishing yellow cards unnecessarily. 

Also, during the second half of the game Sevilla player Fernando gave a clear penalty after a ball crossed from a Roma player hit his (Fernando’s) hand, but Mr. Taylor overlooked that penalty. 

Social media pages shared their thought on the final as they affirmed that Anthony Taylor’s job wasn’t well executed. 

Definitely, Jose Mourinho will be unhappy with Anthony’s officiating in the final since he (Mourinho) will keep Anthony’s bad officiating in his history book as a manager. 

Roma revived six yellow cards during the match, which is the most ever in a final of this competition since it was rebranded in 2009.

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