“I hate It When Ghanaians Say We Play More Nigerian Music Than Our Own” Hitz FM’s Dj Bridash

The music battle of which country gains more music play continues as Blagogeegh.com spoke to Accra-based Hitz FM’s Dj and Presenter popularly known as Dj Bridash.

Social media users affirmed that on Hitz FM’s morning show Day Break Hitz, Dj Bridash plays more Nigerian music than Ghanaian music. 

According to him, I recall playing only Nigerian music of an artist who came for an interview, I don’t know why people are ranting that I play more Nigerian music than Ghanaian music. 

Andy Dosty, doesn’t allow Nigerian music played when he’s on air because he’s the morning show host and I’m Hitz FM morning show Disc Jockey. What amazes me is myself (Bridash) I play only 5% Nigerian music even my mixtapes I drop don’t have any Nigerian music. 

“Nobody can tell me that on their Radio, home, or where ever they find themselves they don’t play Nigeria music”, he said.. 

When quizzed what’s the stuff he hears that gets him annoyed? He said Blagogee when people say Hitz FM don’t support upcoming artists I get stunned because these are the same people who call you to support them and when they get to their pedestal then they forget your input in their music career. 

Another stuff I(Dj Bridash) hear is when people say we play more Nigerian music than Ghanaian music, which’s untrue. What I’ll say is that when playing some of our Ghanaian music the BPM (Beat Per Minute) isn’t what we expect compared to how smooth Nigeria’s own is when played. 

Social Media (Tik Tok) Taking Over Disc Jockey 

Dj Bridash affirmed that Tik Tok, can’t take over its profession as DJs, but rather it’s providing service to its fan base or users. 

According to him, traditional media (Radio) will always be there. So when artists or an influencer say Tik Tok makes their songs go viral it baffles me. 

“Yes Tik Tok has made your song go viral, but the same social media won’t play it back-to-back in the next years to come, but for radio, your viral song will still gain massive airwaves so artists and industry players must take this as fact. 

Known in real life as Bright Ewusi, Dj Bridash eulogize Lord Morgan, Shatta Wale, Chris Waddle, Stonebwoy, and more for their endless love for him. 

Watch the full interview with Dj Bridash 

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