Jorginho Shares His Take On Starting Over Partey Against Newcastle.

Thomas Partey x Jorginho During Training Session.

Arsenal purchased Chelsea’s Jorginho as a sub for Thomas Partey, but Arsenal has played two games without Thomas Partey. 

The last game Arsenal played was against Manchester City where Partey played the full 90mins when Arsenal lost to Man City. 

Currently, Arsenal is battling it out to win the 2023/2024 season of the Premier League. 

Inform Newcastle welcomes Arsenal to their home as they were our usher 2goals to nil. 

After the match, Jorginho shared reasons why he got a start over Partey against Newcastle. 

Jorginho on starting over Partey vs Newcastle: “I think we are two different players that can adapt for the coach in different games. I think the coach has two good choices and depending on what game, and what type of players he wants on the pitch. The only thing we can do is be ready when he needs us and give our best to help the team.”

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