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Man Pays GH¢49,390.97 As Duty For His C300 Mercedes Benz

Scrolling through social media platforms came across a duty receipt for a paid C300 Mercedes Benz. 

Tik Tok handle, @loadedd_driverplug were cars are sold on the page shared receipt of how much duty he paid for his C300 Mercedes Benz.

Many were stunned by the amount paid for the C300 Benz as they shared their take via the comment session.

A handle on Tik Tok @big_boi_smash said “well we voted for change and this is the change. “Yh bro. I paid 34k for Honda Civic” another Tik Tok user confessed under the post.

“Such is life we are waiting to see if the duty here is for 2 cars, but wait oooo this is only duty shipping line charges did they include DV plate,” a handle @originalwillycash shared his take as well.

Others were of the view that, they’ll ship their cars through Togo and clear them since the duty rate is high in the country.

One comment people wanted to verify was the year model for the C300 Mercedes Benz.

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