MJ the Comedian Get Results For La – Wireless Dumpsite.

Ghanaian comedian MJ the Comedian (real name Timothy Musa Junior Abaaddu) through one of his skits has gotten results for the people of La-wireless.

A part of the community which was earmarked as a transit point for refuse, had been left unattended to, leading to it becoming a dump site for rubbish.

The situation led to many health risks as the place turned into a mountain of refuse, that led to bad hygiene and bad smells emanating from the area.

In a skit, MJ the comedian sarcastically highlighted how the area had become the most beautiful part of the community with leaders and residents alike using the dump site as a grounds for weddings, parties, and more. He even had a resident of the place join in to highlight the huge contribution the smelly dump site had on the community.


The video posted on January 10th went viral, and now authorities have responded by clearing out the site and gradually working to make sure the place doesn’t go back to that state.

In a new video, MJ showed the current state of the place, whiles thanking the authorities for being proactive after he highlighted the plight of the people.


As a comedian MJ is one of the finest skit makers and stand ups in Ghana. He is also known to be keen on health and host one of the biggest walks in Ghana dubbed Dashiki Walk with MJ.

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