MJ the Comedian Talks about Comedy, Economy Situation, And Yearns To Work With Shatta Wale On A Comedy Skit

MJ the Comedian talks about comedy, and working with Shatta Wale on a comedy skit

When it comes to the Showbiz fraternity he finds himself in, Ghanaian Comedian popularly known as MJ the Comedian gives a top-notch performance. 

The comedian is blessed with two gifts when it comes to his profession. You can find MJ on stage and also via social media as a content creator or skit maker. 

Born Timothy Musah Junior Abaaddu, believes he finds peace to entertain patrons and his social media followers. 

According to him, I feel fulfilled when I create my content and share it on all my social media platforms and also deliver when I mount the stage to crack people up with my witty jokes. 

The “Dashiki Walk” founder (MJ the Comedian) spoke to Edward Blagogee of Blagogeegh.com about his upcoming stand-up comedy (Cedi Vs. Dollar), the current economic situation in Ghana, and why he wants to work with Shatta Wale.

MJ on The State of Economy In Ghana 

Mr. Abaaaddu asserts that the current economic situation in Ghana is very bad. 

He said, the state of the economy is very bad and it’s a replica of 1983.  According to him, I feel the economy should be stabilized before things get out of hand. 

“Right now, when you want to patronize a product and you bargain before you realize the price has increased…”, he said.

He added that the situation is very bad to the extent that businessmen and organizations are feeling skeptical to push money into the system. 

MJ On Why He Wants Shatta Wale On His Comedy Skit

The award-winning comedian (MJ the Comedian) averred that he yearns to work on a skit with Shatta Wale. 

He said “I’ve made this request where it went viral, but I’m sure the Dancehall King (Shatta Wale) might be busy but I’ll be glad if he comes through for me. 

Although I’ve worked with some celebrities in the entertainment field, I recently did a skit with Bismark The Joke, in which I eulogise him for his creative prowess when he invited me over to do some magic and the gains huge views on social media platforms. 

Cedi Vs. Dollar Comedy Show

MJ the Comedian is set to thrill fans with his witty jokes about the current situation hitting Ghana. 

When asked why “Cedi vs. Dollar” he affirms that “this is a comedy special for myself and my colleagues in the industry”. 

“… The Dollar is good and the Cedi is the bad is just juxtaposing and making it fun,” he jokingly said.

DKB, OB Amponsah, Comedian Waris, Augustine Dennis, et al will crack patrons up when the date and venue are to be communicated on all MJ the Comedian social media platforms.

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