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Mona MuBl3” Reveals Why He’s Back On The Street

The name via headline sounds familiar? Well, a 1 mins. video shared via social media saw the viral sensational man popularly known as “Mona Mubl3” elucidate reasons why he’s back on the street.
The video chanced by blagogeegh, saw the mentally challenged man sharing his reasons for going back to the street.
His reason for going to the street as a result of a financial challenge.
He continued that, he received money via momo and don’t know if Kofi Adomah of KofiTV squanders it or his brother.
Adding he has no idea where the money has gone to but he believes people give him money.
“Mona Mubl3” went viral via social media and Kofi Adomah gave him the finest gentleman treat after he revealed that he was mentally challenged.
Click the link to watch this video

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