New Danish-Ghanaian single arouses mixed feelings in the USA.

When indie rocker Citizen Odin and rapper AJ Nelson release the single Bang Bang! On February 29th. 2024, mixed reactions are expected from the USA.

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Already during the pre-release screeningin the USA, there were strong reactions as the text revolves around school shootings and gun laws.

Bang Bang! exposes the gun lobby’s indifference to the fact that approximately 10 children are killed of shots every single day. The track indirectly criticizes the US Constitution’s Second Amendment – the right of the people to keep and bear Arms.

Citizen Odin has the largest audience in the US, so the topic may have consequences in the short term. Last year Citizen Odin’s track OK Boomer achieved five weeks at number one on the weekly charts at Bandwagon Network Radio – a major American indie radio station. In addition, six weeks as number one on the fan-favorite list. OK Boomer was widely played on many American radio stations and was placed on several charts. That doesn’t worry frontman John Odin, though.

“We want to address a huge problem. Unbelievably many people die from gunshots.

Both accidents, and murders and suicides. Many are children, and that cannot be emphasized enough. The more there is talk about it, the greater the chance hopefully that one day something drastic will be done to resolve the problem. If it costs some listeners, we have to live with it.”

Brought together by Christiano Ronaldo

Bang Bang! is, as mentioned, a collaboration between the Danish Citizen Odin and the Ghanaian rap star AJ Nelson. A very oddcouple who have found a friendship through their commoninterest in football in general, and Christiano Ronaldo in particular. The two met
online during the 2022 FIFA World Cup, where both participated in Facebook chats about Ronaldo. They soon realized that they had more in common: Music. It became half in fun and half in earnest thought they should make a song together. When Citizen Odin had recorded the demo for Bang Bang!, the track was sent to Ghana, where AJ Nelson quickly got his part done. Since then, versions flew back and forth with small corrections, to finally be mixed and mastered at Rapzonen.dk Bang Bang! will officially air on February 29, 2024, on all major streaming platforms.

About Citizen Odin:

Citizen Odin is a Danish band consisting of frontman John Odin and producer Lasse Boye.
The band debuted as a solo project for John Odin in 2020 with the album Coward 19. An

album, which John Odin describes as unusually weak. The album was recorded at home under the covid-19 shutdown, and production is affected by this. However, the album contains a couple of tracks that caught Lasse Boye’s interest, and he suggested, via Rapzonen.dk, that they should make an album together. It became the 2022 album OK Boomer, which has achieved great success in especially the USA. The title track has been extensively played in rotation in the USA, England, Germany, Italy, Canada, Australia and other countries.

About AJ Nelson:

AJ Nelson is an established name in the Ghanaian music industry. As a very young man he performed at a welcome song for President Barack Obama himself, during Obama’s visit to Ghana.Later, AJ released a number of singles that have been shown extensively on MTV in Africa. The debut album Africa Rise from 2018 contains a wonderful mix of hip-hop and afrobeat. The album cemented AJ Nelson’s status as a Ghanaian rap star. A series singles followed – most recently Guy Guy from 2022.

About Bang Bang!

Single title: Bang Bang (Radio Edit)

Genres: Pop/rap

Length: 3m24sec

Lyrics / Music: John Odin and AJ Nelson

Producer: Lasse Boye

Label: Lazarus Music Group

Further information and inquiries about interviews etc.:

Email: publishing@lazarusmusicgroup.com



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