Opinion: With Topnotch Assist, Netizens Apologises To Jordan Ayew After Demolishing South Korea.

Vivacious Jordan Ayew Hunts Ball Against South Korea.

In football, when it goes well for a player, football fans will shower mouthwatering praises to the team and players, but when a player fails then it leads to bombardment. 

Ghana’s maiden opener against Portugal at the “924” stadium in Qatar witnessed an intense match, which saw football pundits, and patrons affirmed that Jordan Ayew came into the game against Portugal and caused mistakes on the field of play. 

Unhappy Jordan Ayew, who happens to play his 3rd World Cup was unperturbed but rather gave a top-notch assist against South Korea.

Attacking Amartey Against South Korea Striker Jo Gue-sung.

To me (Blagogee), Jordan played very well in the first half of the game by serving Mohammed Kudus a fantastic cross against South Korea.

It got to a point I(Blagogee), realized that Jordan was exhausted and had to be substituted after his unbelievable performance in the just-ended 3goals to 2 in favor of the black stars. 

Social media kept buzzing as many eulogise Jordan for his master performance on the field of play. Football lovers shared apology messages via their social media handles. 

Does this affirm that Ghanaians have apologized to Jordan since we have our last match to qualify against Uruguay? 

What I (Blagogee) noticed about our second match against South Korea, was when Otoo Addo’s lineup came Ghanaians registered their displeasure to see the Ayew brothers as (fans) affirmed that, their performance was nothing to write home about. 

With over 28.5% population we’ve turned ourselves into coaches when it comes to any tournament Black Stars features including myself (Blagogee) but, I’m very technical when it comes to our style of play. 

The question is have Ghanaians forgiven Jordan Ayew?  Call it revenge as Ghana faces Uruguay on Friday, 2nd December 2022.

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