Playing For Chelsea Is Something I Won’t Regret – Cesc Fabregas.

Currently, plying his trade in the France Ligue 1 with his new club Monaco Cesc Fabregas says he never believes playing for Chelsea. 
According to the king of assit for thé former  Chelsea player “I always believe that things happen for a reason and in this case, in theory, it was not supposed to happen, me joining Chelsea,”
“When I was with Arsenal I never believed I could feel what I felt towards Chelsea. It was impossible. But this is the beauty of football.” He said.
He added that, “But maybe it’s not even about football. Sometimes it’s more about breaking hearts because of joining the other top club of the city. And fans are fans, and I completely understand and I admire that from them because they are completely loyal to their club from day one to the last.
“But being at Chelsea is something that I will never regret in my life; in fact completely the opposite. I will always talk about Chelsea and about my time at Chelsea as probably the best decision of my career.”

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