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Taxi Driver Finds ¢8,000.00Gh In His Car And Return It Back To Owner

Accra-based Okay Fm shares
the touching true story of a Ghanaian Taxi driver as he handed over an amount of ¢8,000.00gh to a market woman. 

The viral video has seen lots of Ghanaians eulogizing the Taxi driver for his kind gesture to the woman who stays in A suburb of Accra. 

With over a thousand views on Okay Fm’s official handle on Instagram, many quizzed if they could give a token to the driver. 

This is how Okay Fm captioned their viral video post. 

True Story: Taxi Driver Returned GH8,000 to Passenger – The Man the woman is hugging is a Taxi driver, and the woman is a fish seller at Mallam Atta Market in Accra.

Apparently, the woman boarded the Taxi on a Friday evening and forgetfully left an amount of Gh8,000 in the taxi. The Taxi Driver found the money the next day in his car and returned it to the woman at her home where he dropped her off.

For their part, Ghanaian comedian DKB and fashionista Osebo The Zaraman shared their comment beneath the post as they commended their driver.

Below is link to video

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