Trigmatic’s African Music Business Dialogue Storms Zambia.

    African Music Business Dialogue.

The African music business dialogue held in Lusaka, Zambia on June 16, 2023 was a resounding success, with a diverse panel of speakers sharing their insights and experiences in the industry to a packed audience of musicians, industry professionals, and fans.

The panel included TiVo Shikapwasha from Zambia, Zamani Ndimande from Jayzee Records South Africa, Nana Yaw Obiri Yeboah from Mozo TV, Eddie Hatitye from Music in Africa, and the event’s founder and creator, Trigmatic from Ghana. The event was expertly moderated by Michie Zambia, former Miss Zambia and radio personality.

Also in attendance was Mr. Maanka Chipindi, the director of the National Arts Council of Zambia, who expressed his appreciation for the initiative and stressed the importance of such dialogues in promoting the growth and sustainability of the African music industry.

The event covered a wide range of topics, from copyright and royalties to distribution and marketing, and gave attendees the opportunity to network and exchange ideas. The organizers expressed gratitude to Mozo TV and Platinum Events for their support in making the event a success.

The next edition of the African music business dialogue is set to take place in another African country soon, and the organizers hope to continue the momentum and impact of the initiative in empowering African musicians and professionals.

In a message to African musicians and future sponsors and partners, Trigmatic emphasized the need for unity and collaboration in the industry, stating that “there is strength in numbers and in diversity. Let’s work together to realize our collective potential and showcase the richness and diversity of African music to the world.”

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