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What A Pastor Said To His Church Member After Overpaying His Tithe

Many belives in tithing while others have their perception when it comes to tithe paying globally. Somewhere in Nigeria a church member has overpayed his tithe as he shared what transpired between him and his pastor.

The viral content between the Pastor and church member circulated via social media [Twitter] as many shared their take on the trending issue.

The church member with his handle “@Oluwaseun9″ captioned his tweet post ” so i paid my tithe through transfer and mistankenkly did overpayement…”

“… This is what my pastor replied me, abeg watin he mean?” he asked.


A whatapp screenshot reads…

“Good Morning Sir

Sir please I mistakenly sent N10,000 instead of N1000 as my tithe.

Accoridng to the pastor, ” Sugar wey don enter garri no fit comot again”. 

After posting, many were of the view that his post was a cook up story  to gain engagement. According to @admiralty “i know say na cook up story to get engagement, but i go still pretend follow you comment. My question is if you are to pay 1k as tithe. that means your salary na 10k. Does it mean that you now transfer a whole month salary by mistake? Did you see tribal mark in our face?

Another handle added that, ” so you wan collect wetin you give God back?I f God decides to collect the life wey him give, you go dey alive?

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