What GFA Must Do To Have A Better Black Stars.

Build A Better National Team For Ghana.

Two consecutive AFCON tournaments have seen shambolic performances displayed by players, the technical team and the coach Chris Hughton. 

In 2021, Ghana was eliminated in the group stages of the tournament with only a single point, and this year the story has not changed as the players continue to exhibit their lack of readiness to fight and exist from the group stage to the next round of competition. 

Now the main issue what’s the Ghana Football Association (GFA) must do. 

Colts Football

This is the time the GFA must make sure they apt their game by organizing a tournament for the Colts teams and through that players can be scouted and groomed for the national team. 

GFA has also done well to at least revive Ghana’s local league football with sponsors but not lucrative enough for fans to throng in to support their various teams unless it’s Hearts vs Kotoko. 

Coach and Interference 

With reports circulating and based on former coaches’ alleged interference of coaches’ decisions when coaching the National Team (Ghana) should be stopped because it has caused a lot to the playing board of the national team. 

What’ll happen if no one interferes in the affairs of the coach’s decision-making in the squad?  

Also, the GFA must make sure they select a good coach to head the national team because patrons demand a lot from coaches and players when they participate in tournaments. 

It’s high time the GFA body avoided the popular saying “Ma Try Ma Kw3” kind of leadership and exhibited professionalism in their field of display. 

Ayew Brothers…

These two have done well for the black stars going through the ranks to get to this pedestal. 

Truth be told, Andre Ayew as a player should just hang his boots and through his support to his kid brother Jordan Ayew. 

It’s embarrassing to see this happening to the black stars and no one is telling it straight in the face of Andre Ayew. 

Ghanaians shouldn’t be emotional about the Ayew brothers but rather be sincere with themselves are they pulling their weight for the national team? 

Way Forward… 

We need a competent coach who will oversee the selections of top-notch players without interference from the GFA.

Selecting of top 10 local team players in Ghana to play justify and select them to be featured in the current Black Stars and see which of the boys are willing to sacrifice for the country. 

… I know they won’t listen but they will allow their emotions to play and the Ghana National team will go back to square one again. 


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